Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life in the NEW bead store!

Oh my.  It's been ages since I posted to this blog.  Guess we got a little busy before we moved, and I never got around to updating it.  While we were under construction, I had meant to send weekly updates with pictures to let everyone know how far along we were.  I figured I'd be really excited about the improvements, but as most of you know, it was not to be.  Construction took many months, which we never expected.  It was unfortunate, but FORTUNATELY it did eventually get completed, and we are now very comfortable in our new home.  Our new location is wonderful.  We have great neighbors, La Septima to the right of us, and Antiques & Etc. to the left of us (if you're facing the store).  We also have the fantastic Shrimp Boat just a few doors down, and I must admit, I'm addicted to their caesar salad dressing!  Customers have had nothing but positive things to say about the new Bead Boutique!  They also love our new store since it's convenient to good food, and just a great location overall.  Everyone has welcomed us with open arms, and we are grateful to those of you who have stopped in to say hello and check out our new digs.  

We've restocked the store with a lot of new merchandise, and we continue to do so on a weekly basis.  We had some great trunk shows going on through the holidays, and one still remains.  I spoke with the vendor yesterday, and she has agreed to allow us to keep the trunk show indefinitely!  That was great news!  Even better news is that she has loads of more NEW trunk show inventory to send, and you'll probably start seeing some of that in February.

Have you checked out our calendar lately?  We have a host of new classes set up through the end of the month and in February, April and May.  Stacy Perry is returning with her fantastic metal classes...don't miss out on taking one of her classes.  You will truly enjoy her thorough instruction, and you'll walk away with an exquisite piece of jewelry you will cherish forever.  More classes will be added to the calendar as the months progress and as I hear back from some of our former instructors who are currently creating new workshops for The Bead Boutique!  Please check the calendar often and stay tuned for weekly announcements of our upcoming classes and events.  Link to The Bead Boutique Calendar here.

Do you know what makes having this wonderful business so worthwhile and rewarding?  Our customers.  Especially the little customers.  A few years ago, a lovely customer by the name of Susan used to come into our store often.  She had just had a baby girl, Kendall, and she was so excited about making Kendall all kinds of jewelry with a lot of BLING (what mother wouldn't be).  She always brought Kendall with her, and beautiful baby Kendall would sit in her stroller quietly and enjoyed being near her mommy.  I think she was also enjoying being surrounded by all the bling her mommy was making for her.  Then Susan got busy with a successful business she started.  We hadn't seen Susan nor Kendall for a few years until tonight when they both walked into our store.  It was wonderful seeing them both again, but it was especially wonderful to see Kendall, who is now a happy, precocious 5-year old.  She LOVED being here, I think, not only because she's a little girl, and little girls LOVE beads, but I truly believe when Kendall was a baby, she knew what was going on around her, because her mother told us she loves wearing jewelry!  She picked out all her own beads, and created her very own bracelet.  She was so excited about it...and a little bit excited about Coco (my mom's dog), which caused some distraction, as she also has a similar puppy at home.  She would focus on stringing a bead or two, then go over to Coco, pet her and talk to her, while she created her masterpiece.  Once she was done, Kendall did not want to leave, so I told her, when she was old enough, she could come into the bead store and work here but to plan on counting lots of beads!  Needless to say, it was great having both Susan and Kendall at The Bead Boutique again.

Below is a photo of precious Kendall and the concentration and excitement of making her very first piece of jewelry...a lovely bracelet!

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